Creating Memorials and Memories

Creating Memorials and Memories

It’s important to take time to think about those who haven’t had the same privilege as us. Remembering the attacks on September 11, 2001 gives us the opportunity to honor thousands of victims and so many heroes too. 

Last year, our club tried something new. We set up a massive memorial for those who lost their lives on 9/11. Our immediate past president Natalie Parks led Key Club in labeling and preparing over 2500 small American flags. We then worked with members of Kiwanis to organize all the flags out on the lawn in front of Denton High School.

We got recognized around the school, on social media, and even in the local newspaper. This year we thought we’d go at it all over again, maybe even bigger and better.

The Project

3000 tiny flags strewn across the Denton High lawn

Placing so many flags doesn’t sound like the most exciting project, but it’s the meaning behind it that makes it so important. That’s what Sujen, Nabil, Emily, Owen, Zoë, Kiefer, Jacob, Alexandra, and Caden thought about when they came out on their Sunday afternoon to put together the display. 

Working with our Kiwanis sponsor Judge Joe Holland, we made a massive grid to place the flags with a certain degree of military precision. Hundreds of yards of string and plenty of nails later, we were up and running. While some of our members worked on lining the sidewalks with flags exactly a foot apart, the rest of them worked on filling in a giant square meant to symbolize one of the buildings that went down on 9/11.

Quick Sonic stop to push us through to the end

About two hours in, we were pretty far along. We had filled in beside all the sidewalks and got a good ways into the massive grid we were working on, but morale was running low. Some of the volunteers had to leave around this time to various other activities, so our numbers were slowly being reduced too. So we decided to make a quick mobile order at Sonic.

We paid ahead, and I ran right over to Sonic to pick up our drinks so that we could make it through the rest of the project. Slushes, Lemonades, Limeades, and even Teas. This sounds like advertising, but half price was too good a deal to pass up. We were soon refreshed and back on a roll again. We even managed to finish ahead of schedule, around 4:45PM.

Though many left then, a few of us loitered around longer, just to get some final pictures and rant about senior year and so on. To quote Kiefer, “HOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!” Enjoy some of these fabulous shots below, and join us for our next meeting/project on September 18th. Have a great week everyone!

Question of the day: What did y’all think of this project? Anything you would improve or do differently?

Caden Young

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