Freshmen Day

Freshmen Day

Welcome to Denton High School class of 2023! It was great meeting so many of you at Freshmen orientation today.

Every year our Key Club sets up a table at what our school calls “Freshmen Day”. This day is basically freshmen orientation. The new students get a chance to explore what the school has to offer, learn the campus rules, and find their classes. The students start off in the giant “Purple Pit” gym at our school and it is in there that all the clubs and organizations at our school set up informational booths and tables. Freshmen are encouraged to walk around and talk to the different clubs and learn about the many extracurriculars offered at DHS.

This year, Emily Young (President), Kate Crawford (Secretary), Meryl Johnson (Editor), Brielle Da Silva (Publicist) , and Colby Keen (Webmaster) were there at the table to greet the new students. They were also joined by our Division 8 Lieutenant Governor Kasandra Schroeder. The table was decked out with all sorts of special stuff to show what our club is all about. They had the Key Club official flag and bell, this past year’s scrapbook, and many member applications and information flyers if the freshmen were really interested.

And this year we followed tradition and made business cards to advertise our first meeting of the year! These cards were handed out to all the students who came to the table and will continue to be handed out throughout the weeks leading up to the meeting.

Our first meeting is August 27 at 8:00am and 4:15pm. You can choose whichever time you would like to come to, the meeting and information will be the same. This meeting will be a breakfast, so some food will be provided. If you would like to start this year off strong, you can bring food for some service hours!


At our table, we had a raffle going on for students to win a t-shirt from the previous year! (The shirt is the blue one all the board members are wearing in the picture at the start of this post) Students were told to write their email on a red ticket and the winner will be drawn soon and announced here! Whoever the winner is will receive their t-shirt sometime in the coming weeks before the meeting.