Getting Recognized for Service

Getting Recognized for Service

It feels great to get recognized for your project, something our Key Clubbers realized today thanks to the Denton Record-Chronicle

At 10:30 I received a text message from our awesome Kiwanis sponsor Judge Joe Holland: A photographer would be coming from the Denton Record-Chronicle to take a picture of our 9/11 display in front of the school and ask us a few questions. They would be there to take pictures at noon. I had about an hour and half to rustle up enough of the club to look good, and also think about how I wanted to explain the project.

Obstacle Number 1: Time. Even though I sent out a Remind message, many people would not be available unless they had A or B lunch. It was in between these lunches, so most people were in class. Another segment probably wouldn’t notice the message in time to come be in the photo, which definitely risked harming our turnout.

I worked around this though. I went to a few different classes where I knew of many Key Club students, and I brought them all out just in time for the photo. Teachers were fine with it because they love Key Club maybe as much as I do. Exactly at noon, we burst out the front doors of DHS, a hoard of students who were eager to be acknowledged, coaxed out by me, or just enjoyed being in photos.

Obstacle Number 2: Clothes. I had no idea the newspaper would be out in the middle of the school day to take our pictures, and what a coincidence that it just happened to be Pajama Day. If I had an idea beforehand, I might have told Key Clubbers to wear their club shirt or something, but out came Key Club students at 12:00PM in Sesame Street pants and slides with socks.

In the end though, it all worked out well. It was a great experience for our club to be recognized, and I think it was nice for everyone to get out of class for a couple minutes. We had a good turnout and just enough members in normal clothes to cover up people in their pajamas, so that part turned out fine too. But just know that if you catch a glimpse of Elmo in front of a 9/11 Memorial, that’s just how it played out.¬†

(Sorry to call you out Kimberly. I personally love the idea of Elmo pants. 10/10, would definitely recommend)

Keep an eye out for us in the paper!

Caden Young

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