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What are committees?

Within our student-run club is the ability to subdivide and tackle various projects and activities at the simultaneously within a committee system. The Vice President of the club is responsible for overseeing that the committees function efficiently, each having their own tasks for the month. Upon joining Key Club, you will be assigned a committee based on your interests. You are able to lead committees, petition to create new ones, and even switch committees throughout the year, based on your interests and abilities.

Project Committee

The Project Committee is responsible for developing service projects for the club to participate in. They handle everything from brainstorming ideas to consulting with community organizations to finding out the supplies and permissions needed to follow through with the project. Ultimate approval for projects rests with the club president. Here are some examples of past projects:

  • Partnered with Presbyterian Children's home for holiday gifts
  • Thousands of flags placed to represent 9/11 victims
  • Created a UNT HoCo float and won community spirit award

Social Committee

The Social Committee carries out the planning, funding, and activities related to social events for the club. They will make sure social events are not too expensive and provide some benefit to the club or the community. Socials can take on a wide range of appearances, so here are examples that can be discussed and used by the Social Committee:

  • New member night to award new members their pins
  • Ice cream social where some proceeds go to a club project
  • Pool party/introduction to get to know club members

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee has one of the most important club functions: making sure the club remains properly funded. As that is the case, the treasurer will initially serve as the committee chair. The committee comes up with ways to make money, and then utilizes the club's members and resources to carry it out. We have some systems in place to raise money already:

  • Denton High School mug sales for projects or administration
  • Minimal membership fees that provide administrative funding
  • Bake sales that provide funding for projects

Creative Committee

Anyone with creative tendencies is perfectly suited to the Creative Committee. Of course, this is not just an art club. This committee is responsible for branding of the club, working with the editor on the newsletter, taking pictures, designing club promotion materials, and even working on the scrapbook at the end of the year. Here are some responsibility of the committee:

  • Take pictures at social and projects for the scrapbook
  • Create flyers and graphics for club promotion
  • Work with the editor on the scrapbook in March and April

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