Come here to check your progress towards your senior cord!

In order to get your Key Club cord to wear at graduation, you must accumulate 24 hours of service at Key Club related events. These hours can be gained by attending our general meetings, Kiwanis meetings, or any of the service projects or socials we host throughout the year.

Find your progress bar below to see how close you are!

(We will try to keep them updated on a weekly basis as best we can)

Abby Boring
Cord! 38%
Abhilasha Bhattarai
Cord! 100%
Abi Molina
Cord! 6%
Adria Pahler
Cord! 71%
Aislinn Torres
Cord! 50%
Alicia Perez
Cord! 46%
Arvind Vinod
Cord! 38%
Bailey Burgess
Cord! 8%
Brielle DaSilva
Cord! 10%
Brisa Diaz
Cord! 0%
Britney McVey
Cord! 71%
Campbell Sweeten
Cord! 71%
Chloe Brown
Cord! 29%
Elizabeth Wood
Cord! 4%
Emily Young
Cord! 100%
Ethan Chen
Cord! 19%
Galela Zapeda
Cord! 71%
Grace White
Cord! 0%
Jack Alagood
Cord! 71%
Jatzibeh Malavar
Cord! 75%
Jennifer Jimenez
Cord! 79%
Julia Norton
Cord! 8%
Karen Angulo
Cord! 60%
Kasandra Schroeder
Cord! 44%
Kate Crawford
Cord! 100%
Kruti Patel
Cord! 35%
Leilani Ramirez
Cord! 63%
Lizbeth Tabares
Cord! 71%
Maria Tovar
Cord! 0%
Nancy Ramirez
Cord! 100%
Noel Solis
Cord! 33%
Owen White
Cord! 15%
Rachel Simone
Cord! 54%
Raunnak Upreti
Cord! 0%
Reagan Redmon
Cord! 33%
Roya Farahani
Cord! 46%
Samantha Swaine
Cord! 13%
Savannah Johnson
Cord! 23%
Valerie Tran
Cord! 100%
Victoria Tran
Cord! 100%
Yasmeen Galvan
Cord! 83%
Zainab Mandviwalla
Cord! 79%