Come here to check your progress towards your senior cord!

In order to get your Key Club cord to wear at graduation, you must accumulate 30 hours of service at Key Club related events. These hours can be gained by attending our general meetings, Kiwanis meetings, or any of the service projects or socials we host throughout the year.

Find your progress bar below to see how close you are!

(We will try to keep them updated on a weekly basis as best we can)

Alexei Hall
Cord! 46.7%
Alexis Headrick
Cord! 100%
Alyssa Trasporto
Cord! 100%
Angie Heng
Cord! 100%
Avery Parker
Cord! 33%
Carolyn De Leon
Cord! 100%
Dax Treadaway
Cord! 3%
Diana Barba
Cord! 3%
Ethan Lee
Cord! 13%
Isabella Sample
Cord! 33%
Jennifer Pena
Cord! 47%
Kylie Williams
Cord! 100%
Maya Faires- Barraza
Cord! 83%
Miya Portillo
Cord! 7%
Megan Gray
Cord! 20%
Nadia Brown
Cord! 100%
Nathan Stone
Cord! 40%
Om Shiwakoti
Cord! 10%
Reese Montcalm
Cord! 93%
Ruhama Kabir
Cord! 100%
Sam Merki
Cord! 0%
Tamara Martinez
Cord! 83%
Vivien Ayers
Cord! 100%