Sign Up to Help Kiwanis!

Sign Up to Help Kiwanis!

Every year we work with our Kiwanis club to help promote their bicycle rally and fundraiser that happens every year around Thanksgiving. Easy work, many volunteer hours, and great help to Denton Breakfast Kiwanis!

We have two great opportunities to volunteer in the next month. Our Kiwanis club needs our help promoting their event at various bicycle rallies across the area. They need us to help distribute flyers and promotional material at these races. Since Kiwanis supports our club, the more flyers and riders we can get for their race, the more it helps our club and the city of Denton overall.

The need for students on the 28th of July is the most urgent right now. Please sign up as soon as possible so that we can get an accurate estimate of students attending, and so that we can provide transportation to everyone! The signup for the next rally is available by clicking on the event below and submitting an RSVP.

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What’s involved with volunteering? It is usually just putting flyers on cars and in public places around the race. The work is easy–it just requires a little bit of walking–and you will get tons of volunteer hours just for coming and helping out. A few things to remember when you come to volunteer:

  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking a lot
  • Dress for the weather — Texan summers are very unforgiving
  • Bring a water bottle for if you get dehydrated

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